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Easily take down the dreaded Santa Blanca drug cartel with the help of our Ghost Recon Wildlands cheats, supporting both the PC and console versions of Ghost Recon Wildlands to your credit. Now, waste no more time and take on the battle against the Santa Blanca cartel with the help of cheats.

Headshot, dead!

A tactical third-person shooter, Ghost Recon Wildlands requires players to take down the notorious drug cartel Santa Blanca on a vast open-world map inspired by Bolivia.

You will command your own squad of highly trained operatives and take on a variety of missions with the goal of destroying the cartel and all those associated with it.

So you will follow the cartel’s high-ranking officials one by one, dismantling their operations on the map and loosening their grip on the people in the process. Hopefully, it will all be completed by putting a bullet between the eyebrows of the big boss, El Sueno, and sending him to the other side.

In addition, the open-world aspect of the “Ghost Recon” series gives players the freedom to deal with any situation. Furthermore, even though it is a fictional country, you will find plenty of weapons and equipment as you explore this beautiful Bolivia. And you can either use what you find to your death, or you can go in and out without a single alarm, to live up to your ghost’s name.

The game also allows for cooperative play, where you and a friend can work together to defeat cartel members and El Sueno.

This makes it less likely that mistakes will be made that an AI would make. Furthermore, playing with friends is always more fun than playing with a squad controlled by a lifeless AI.

How To Get Ghost Recon Credits

However, since this is a modern Ubisoft game, there are many tedious obstacles in place to increase the likelihood of purchasing Ghost Recon Credits, the premium currency.

Purchasing credits allows you to skip most of the tedious gameplay and simply enjoy the game. You can purchase your own weapons, fancy skins, attachments, vehicles, etc.

But most importantly, you can speed up your leveling and XP-earning adventures by purchasing boosters at the in-game store. Of course, there are some exclusive items that can only be purchased with Ghost Recon Wildlands credits.

But with our help and the great tools we’ve prepared for you today, you can put these Ubisoft shenanigans to rest.

So let’s take a look at some Ghost Recon Wildlands cheats and how you can earn tons of free credits to buy boosters and time-saving items that make the game more fun.

Free Credits Generator

To get started, find and press the “Get Free Credits” button in this article. You will be taken to a new web page in your web browser and the Ghost Recon Wildlands credit generator will appear,

A small window will pop up asking for your in-game username and whether you are playing on a PC or a console. Enter the required information and press “Continue” to proceed.

This will take a couple of minutes. Once that is done, you will be asked to complete the last task, Human Verification. This is usually a survey or an advertisement from a sponsor, so there should be no problem. So, press “Verify” to start and choose two of the tasks to complete.

That’s fine! Congratulations, you are now a member of the cartel. Now it’s time to take down El Sueno and all the members of the cartel. No need to grind or open your wallet to skip through Ubisoft’s time saver.

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